Hickman Writing Services

What services I offer

The word “services” is broad, and needs to be broken down into the specifics. Here you’ll find exactly what Hickman Writing Services offers, and what I can do for your small business.

Editing: From word choice and grammar to sentence structure and tone, I’ll review your blog post, e-book, article or essay with ease making sure to take into consideration your style and preferences.

Writing: Ghostwriting, guest blogging, chapter writing, article writing, I’m a versatile and skilled writer. I take your needs, ideas, and wants and put them together in something you’ll be proud of.

Proofing: Have issues with commas? Not sure if a hyphen goes between adverbs or adjectives? Did you use a semi-colon right? No worries, I’ve got it covered depending on the style of your choice.

SEO: I’ll make sure Google loves you.

Social Networking: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, these social networks help keep your business alive. They are tools that can help you, or hinder you. I’ll help you figure out how to use them, what to post on them, and make it easy for you to do so.

Also notice that you won’t find payment information on my site. That’s because my prices vary depending on the scope and type of project. Before I can decide on a price, I have to know what the project is. For bigger projects, such as book editing, I require a book sample. Smaller projects, such as article or blog writing are charged by the hour.

Contact me through my contact page. Include your name, contact information, and project information and we can discuss what services you need.