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Dayna Hickman is a writer, English and journalism teacher. She has a double major from East Texas Baptist University in English and Mass Communication and spends most of her days teaching writing, grammar, and editing.

Dayna understands that there are different styles of writing, and that different writers write differently. Although her favorite style is MLA (due to many years of teaching English), she is completely comfortable writing APA or Chicago. And she perfectly adapts her style to yours.

Mrs. Hickman (as her students call her) lives in East Texas in the Piney Woods with her husband, three dogs, two cats and overly-cared-for beta fish. Her interests include DIY projects (especially health and beauty), cooking, and anything fun to do with her pets.

For more information about what services she offers, check out the “services” page. Also check out her blogs for different examples of her work.

Hope to see you around!


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